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Price Drop! Get the super useful Wi-Fi Widget completely free

The simple Wi-Fi Widget is currently available completely free, and we reckon almost any iOS user could benefit from having it installed.

It’s a simple, single-purpose tool that presents all the Wi-Fi information you might need handily on your lock screen, meaning you’ll no longer have to root around the back of your router looking for complex passwords every time you get a new device or have a guest with an iPhone over for dinner.

From our in-depth review: In an age where “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” is a question that sits snugly between “Hi,” and “How’s it going,” we’ve found this super-simple widget app to be a neat, unobtrusive add-on to our collection of apps.

Note – this pricing is accurate at the time of publishing, but is likely to revert to normal in the next few days. Act fast!

Wi-Fi Widget – was $1.99/£1.99, now FREE


Save time and frustration with the fastest way to see, test, and share your wi-fi, without even unlocking your iPhone.