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Price-drops! Best iPhone & iPad apps on sale this weekend! (Mar 19-20, 2016)

Looking for some new apps? Don’t want to pay full price? Well we’ve taken a look at the App Store this weekend and found you the very best apps currently on sale on the iPhone and iPad.

All apps are compatible with iPhone & iPad unless stated otherwise.

Note: All price-drops were correct at time of posting, but any changes in prices are down to the individual developers, and is out of our hands. Get in quick!

1. Tweetbot 4 for Twitter

  • $9.99 / £7.99 > $4.99 / £3.99!

The fourth edition of the Tweetbot Twitter client came out last year – it’s not the cheapest app out there for browsing and posting to Twitter, but it’s widely regarded as the best. By quite a margin. You can read our review of Tweetbot 4 here, in which we talk about its features including built-in third-party support for images, video, read later and timeline sync services. We’d definitely recommend grabbing this while it’s half-price.

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2. Instant – Quantified Self

  • $2.99 / £1.99 > Free!

Instant gives you your life on a dashboard. You can automatically track a whole bunch of stuff and it even gives you weekly reports to give you actionable insights. Here’s the kind of stuff it tracks: how much time you spent on your phone including how many times you checked it, how much you walk, run and travel, how much time you spend at places, and your sleep duration.

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3. Sleep – Meditate, Relax & Sleep

  • $1.99 / £1.49Free!

Sleep provides you with a variety of sounds, from soothing oceans to meditation bliss or raindrops that will calm yourself. You can also select the amount of time you want the relaxing music to be played, after which the song will stop automatically, although you can also stop it on your own. If you want a sleep and meditation app with a nice, simple, uncomplicated interface – check this one out.

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4. Wingman – EBAC and Drink Counter

  • $0.99 / £0.79 > Free!

From a crazy college night to a casual get together, always track your estimated blood alcohol content with Wingman. Wingman’s sleek and intuitive design makes it easy to track your drinks and to see your estimated blood alcohol content level. Just plug in you gender, age, height, and weight the first time you open up the app, and then let Wingman do the rest.

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5. SidTracker64

  • $12.99 / £10.99 > $1.99 / £1.49

This one’s iPad only, as with many music-making apps, but it’s super cool. SidTracker64 is the ultimate chiptune production package tool. It emulates the SID sound chip from the dominating home computer of the 80s – The Commodore 64. So, if you like playing around with various bleeps and buzzes, you’ll definitely want to grab this one while it’s so cheap.

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