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Moodelizer – customizable audio for your videos

A simple app for adding some audio to your videos

Price: Free
Size: 24.3 MB
Version: 2.0.2
Publisher: Moodelizer
Platform: iPhone / iPad

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On the surface, Moodelizer is extremely simple. It adds a series of stock audio to your videos – either live, or pre-recorded so you can share them with just that little more razzmatazz. But it’s these kinds of apps – the ones that do one thing and do it well – that often prove the most useful in the age where Insta-models and money-making social media stars are looking for more and more complex solutions.

Moodelizer is one of the simpler media apps on the App Store

Moodelizer is very much for the everyman and woman. In fact, probably the sillier everyman and everywoman, that just wants to add that little more to their social media offerings or home movies.

So how does it work? On opening the app you’re provided with a camera window and below, a soundtrack. There are twelve soundtracks to choose from ranging from “Bride” to “Horror”. They’re fairly self-explanatory and offer a good take on familiar genres. Your options here are to start shooting a video, or to choose one you’ve already taken from your library. Once you’ve started recording or playing the video, the soundtrack starts playing.

The soundtracks range from the obvious to the more amusing

But, surely, there must be a million apps like this? What’s Moodelizer’s USP? Well, that would be its dynamic soundtrack editor. At the point of recording a small white circle appears in the middle with a horizontal and vertical line running through it – as the video runs, you use your finger to move the circle around to change the audio on the fly.

For example, in the “Metal” soundtrack, dragging your finger to the bottom left corner will produce some relatively sedate Enter Sandman style guitar-picking. But if you move it to the top right, the soundtrack explodes into heavy drums and riffs galore, complete with intense finger-tapping solos.

Timing is key here, with a few deft swipes able to produce anything from droning tension to victorious swells of emotion. It’s great for video clips with sudden movements or slow-build ups, and it can certainly produce some amusing results.

Use your finger to increase or decrease the detail and intensity of the audio in real time as your video plays

The feature works extremely well, but can be messy if you don’t rehearse first – simply start moving the circle before hitting record to practice. Once you’ve finished you can either discard the video or save it, or share to social media, or via message.

The app is a lot of fun, but of course is pretty limited to its one task. There are options to turn the mic on and off when recording so you can have pure soundtrack audio, and the share settings are decent, but the twelve audio tracks will soon outplay their novelty value. Hopefully, there will be more to come in future.


For a free app, Moodelizer is a good bit of fun, and the perfect way to embellish your video clips with cinematic musical cues.