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Priime – powerful editing tools and filters

Get hold of powerful editing tools and filters for a one-off price

Price: $3/£3
Version: 5.1.4
Size: 127 MB
Developer: Priime inc.
Platform: iPhone / iPad


In the current climate of the app world there is a distinct move towards the subscription model as digital audiences become more acclimatized to it through must-have services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and music streaming apps like Apple Music and Spotify.

Photography apps are one category also moving steadily towards this model. While many generally offer a small set of features for free, many now have a premium subscription tier for full access.

Start with an image – the options are simple and easy to apply

In many ways this is simply returning to the pre-digital days where you’d subscribe to a magazine or clothing catalog. However, image editor Priime is taking a step back in digital time, offering up full access to a suite of stunning, easy to use image editing and filter tools for a one-off price of $3.

It’s easy to see why it’s opted for this model. Its editing tools are relatively basic and accessible. What people are really after these days are automated filters. When this is wrapped up in a subscription with editing tools you never need, it gets frustrating.

There are a ton of filters – and each comes with an explainer

With Priime, the one-off costs gets you a huge amount of filter options – all designed and led by professional photographers – which come with descriptions and are categorized by the subject or type of photography you’d embarked on.

But don’t let its simplicity and anyone-can-have-a-go attitude fool you. Priime is incredibly powerful. You can edit your photos using the iPhone’s full wide-color support. It also edits in RAW to maintain the full resolution of your photos. Additionally, it works with Live Photos – if you apply a filter to an image which has been captured with Apple’s motion technology, it will be applied to the full motion clip.

The filter effects can be incredibly powerful

Better yet, Priime is incredibly fast. Despite its power and wrestling of the full range of data available from high-resolution iPhone photos (it can even work with images up to 120 megapixels), filters are applied in an instant, and even manual level tweaking will leave you with an Instagram-worthy image within seconds.

Basic editing tools are also available – easily straighten or crop your images

Those are the basics. But there are also a handful of other neat bits and pieces. For example, each time you edit an image, it provides a history of what you’ve changed, allowing you to quickly undo your edits. It also has smart AI-led suggestions for the edits your photo might need. Elsewhere, it supports RAW images from various leading camera makers like Sony, Canon, Nikon, LEICA, Kodak and more, meaning you can use the app to professionally edit photos from any high-end digital cameras you might also use.

Give a bit of mood to your selfies. There’s plenty of options to choose from.

In conclusion, we have to return to the point we started this review with. Priime only costs $3. And that’s it. While there are a few additional style packs available as IAP (grab the lot for another $10/£10) you still receive a full and functioning photo editing and filter app for peanuts. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor checking out Priime, not only as an addition to your other photo apps, but maybe a replacement for them all.