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Snapchat update adds publisher ‘Subscribe’ buttons in new update

The Snapchat team could be aiming their sights beyond its typically under-30 audience with the addition of subscribe buttons for brands and publishers.

Snapchat, the social photo app has its traditions in quick-look photo sharing – it started with users sending images to friends who would then only be able to view them for a few seconds before they disappear completely. It was easy to use – you’d add contacts based on who else has the app in your contacts, or via a username, then you’d take a quick snap using the built in camera, before pressing the share button to send it on to one or more of your contacts. It was popular with younger app users as it allowed them to share quickly, easily, and without permanent record of their activities.

However, updates have added photo masks to alter the way you can interact, videos, as well as introducing branded channels which has begun opening Snapchat up to a wider audience.

The latest revamp looks to solidify the publisher and brand relationship and make it a little more permanent by allowing users to subscribe so they never miss an update by a channel. It’s the kind of attention to permanence that goes against the app’s roots, but will also allow it to appeal to older users.

Snapchat's a good app for following events live

Snapchat’s a good app for following events live

For those that currently use Snapchat, the update combines Discover and Live Stories – moments captured by audiences at events, with new subscribe buttons and creative headlines encouraging users to explore more from publishers.

Many publishers now have dedicated Snapchat content teams, including CNN, Hearst, Vox Media, MTV and plenty more, so if you’ve not discovered Snapchat as a news and cultural content channel before, it might be time to download and discover some brand new video and pictorial content on your device.

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For more on the update to Snapchat and the publishers involved, it’s worth checking out this post on Adweek which covers the update in full.