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Trivia Royale – battle 1000 quizzers for supremacy

Take part in the quiz-based battle royale that’s storming the App Store

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.0
43.4 MB
iPhone / iPad
Teatime Games

Trivia Royale

Welcome to your new addiction. Advertising itself as a battle royale of quizzing where you face off against 1,000 others, in a period of time where we’re going through somewhat of a quizzing renaissance, Trivia Royale couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Join competitions of more than 1000 people

Of course, it’s not a true battle royale. The logistics of simultaneously quizzing with 1,000 others gives us a headache. No, instead each round starts with a thousand (well, 1024 to be precise) real-world online players and you have to take a series of individual head-to-head quizzes with other players until everyone’s knocked out and the last player standing is crowned the Royale. It’s a knockout tournament rather than a battle royale, technically, but who are we to split hairs when the chance of “beating” over a thousand competitors is on the table?

Answer questions in each round to knock your opponent out

Each round consists of 5 questions with up to 20 points up for grabs on the first 4 questions and double for the fifth. The longer you take to answer, the fewer points you get. Furthermore, you only have 10 seconds to input your response which puts off plenty of would-be Googlers.

Other playstyles from the main menu include only quizzing on certain topics, but the main “royale” game is certainly the jewel in the crown.

And it’s well-thought-out as an app too. It’s not the case that some can eventually play so much they’ll remember the answers to recurring questions. According to the developers there are over 100,000 questions and more being added every day.

The app uses avatars that animate through your device’s facial recognition technology

Though while we’re yet to receive a question we’ve seen before, we’ll still childishly hold on to the time it showed us a picture of a peach and then lied to us by telling us it was an apricot. It absolutely wasn’t an apricot. But anyway, we’re not bitter (unlike a bad apricot), and have otherwise played numerous rounds trying to become a Royale (personal best is 13th so far…)

And what if you make it? Well, you gain access to the Royale lounge where we can only assume everyone’s sipping on Kia Royales and laughing at all those that have yet to overcome the apricot trick question.

There are 10s of thousands of questions

Design-wise the app is pretty loud, matching the frenetic pace of the quizzes. You play via an avatar which you can create in your image and control using the iPhone’s facial recognition technology. Overall it’s pretty simple to use but might feel like uneccessary cruft to some players.

There’s also a few in-app purchases and ads, which can be removed via one of those IAPs, but in general, it’s actually pretty inoffensive in its quest to make money leaving you to essentially carry on your quizzing mostly undisturbed.

Try your best to be crowned the trivia royale

In conclusion, if you like quizzes and haven’t had enough of your weekly family zoom pub quiz then you’ll enjoy this app.