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Finding the best app bundles around to save you money

Being productive can be hard – especially in the current work-from-home climate. But fret not, because the App Store can help. Lab11’s Ultimate Productivity Bundle ($6/£6) offers four smart apps to help you become more productive. If these appeal to you, buy the lot at once for around half the cost of the individual purchases. Or if one app stands out above the rest, click through below to pick up just the one.

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Zones: Organize Your Life


Zones offers a fresh way to think about tasks by compartmentalizing your to-do list. Through creating “zones” in the app – like home, work, school, and groceries – you can manage and maintain context-based lists of tasks and chores. Navigating between different lists is as simple as swiping on your screen, while natural language input makes it quick and easy to add new tasks.

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Thrive – Goals, Ideas, Decisions


Thrive attempts to break down your most ambitious goals into bite-sized chunks. Big goals are often made up of small steps. Thrive breaks these goals – like “Find a new job” – down into their component parts, making it easier to track your progress towards achieving your ambition. Add to that a procrastination-beating focus mode and inspirational stories, and you have the perfect companion to turn your dream into reality.

Henry – Habits & Wellbeing


Henry is here to make sure that while being productive, you’re engaging in some self-care and keeping an eye on your wellbeing. The app helps users establish positive, healthy habits – like walking more, eating fruit, and exercising – and allows you to track the impact which these new habits have on your mood. There are inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and even 12 fun wellbeing pets to unlock!

Grammar Fix

Grammar Fix

If grammar is your Achilles heel, Grammar Fix can help you wrap your brain around the ten most common grammar mistakes. It includes explanations and examples to help everything make sense – and with each exercise lasting for just 10-minutes, you’ll progress through the app in no time at all!