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Update: App Store smash Prisma gets video functionality – go further with classic art filters

Prisma was a surprise smash when it landed on the App Store this summer, providing photograph filter lovers a way of turning their snaps into a work of art.

Now, in a surprise update, video functionality has been added.

The filters used in Prisma focus on real art styles from a range of real, classic artists like Munch and Picasso, the transformations were strong, proving viral-worthy instantly.

We were equally impressed with the app’s results and stability and gave it a four and a half star review. You can read that here, to find out more about how the app works.

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The new video function works similarly to images, and doesn’t take much longer to process either. No doubt we’re about to see far more trippy paint-style videos.

So, if you plan on taking some video this weekend, why not give Prisma a go? It’s available for free on the App Store right now.