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Weekly Apps Roundup – Sept 18 2015

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

Tiny Empire

Price: $2.99/£2.29 • Version: 1.1.3 • Size: 74.0 MB

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Equipped with a trusty cannon you must defend the good of the kingdom from Orc hordes in this physics-based action game in the vein of Angry Birds. Fresh features
and nostalgic graphics make this one a solid buy.

tiny empire homescreen

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Gravity Duck Islands

Price: $0.99/£0.79 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 43.0 MB

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A gravity-defying puzzle platformer starring an 8-bit duck. What more do you need to know? Well, there’s 80 levels of fun here, with four unique abilities to master
alongside the main gravity-flipping mechanic.



Price: $0.99/£0.79 • Version: 1.1 • Size: 23.7 MB

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A revolutionary new third-party keyboard for iOS that lets you get things done without switching apps. You can perform internet searches, translations, calculations and more right from the keyboard to save time.

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Price: $3.99/£2.99 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 2.2 MB

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QuickKey aims to make it a lot easier to type on iOS by utilizing snippets: user-defined phrases that can be saved for lightning fast recall. This saves a lot of time when you have
to type emails, addresses, usernames and so on.

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Zen Brush 2

Price: $2.99/£1.99 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 49.5 MB

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A powerful illustration app based around the East Asian ink brush. Draw your own beautiful ‘Zen art’ using a series of expressive style templates and backgrounds to supplement your own digital painting skills.



Price: $2.992.29  Free • Version: 1.7 • Size: 257 MB

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An imaginative, peaceful puzzle game and winner of an Apple Design Award this year, Shadowmatic has gone free for the first time. Rotate abstract 3D objects to create recognizable silhouettes.


Blackwell 1: Legacy

Price: $2.992.29  Free • Version: 1.7.0 • Size: 248 MB

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Blackwell is a compelling mystery adventure series about ghosts, in the style of old point-and-click games. Currently free to celebrate the imminent launch of Blackwell 4 – Blackwell 2 and 3 are half-price right now too!