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Wild Journey – a natural way to be more mindful

Explore mountain peaks, lush forests, and beautifully rugged landscapes in this charming mindfulness and meditation app

Price: Free (subscribe for more content)
Version: 76.9 MB
Size: 1.3
Seller: Wild Ventures
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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If you’re interested in mindfulness but haven’t managed to connect with the right app, consider trying out Wild Journey. This is a mindfulness and meditation app with a difference. Wild Journey focuses on the natural world — in particular, diverse and lush landscapes — and delivers 3D soundscapes which form the basis for the app’s meditations and mindful moments.

This is great for those new to mindfulness — because while other apps might push new users towards a guided meditation, in Wild Journey, you can start out by listening to the soothing sounds of Sunset Point, the gentle rainfall at Pilgrims’ Cove, or the lapping of the ocean at Gold Coast. When you launch the app, these immersive “soundscapes” are available to scroll through, and the experience of listening to them — which is of course best through a pair of headphones — is incredibly relaxing.

Choose a relaxing landscape.

If you’ve used ambient noise apps before, you’ll be familiar with this concept. But quality matters, and the soundscapes in Wild Journey are among the best we’ve encountered. And the simple graphic art for each landscape is more than enough to light the embers of your imagination — you’ll soon be visualizing Hare Moon, Pine Haven, and Cottonwood Valley, and getting lost in these enchanting locations.

You can listen to a soundscape indefinitely or set a time limit. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more focused, you can choose one of Wild Journey’s “Mindful Moments.”

Set a timer.

These one-minute meditations tackle different subjects — like progress, dreams, and gratitude — and use a combination of soundscapes with on-screen statements and instructions to enlighten and focus your mind. They’re perfect for a quick-fire meditation — something you might really value in the middle of a busy day.

A mini-meditation.

And of course, for those seeking even more structure, Wild Journey has you covered. A series of guided meditations are available in the app. Called “Experiences,” they talk users through meditations on different themes and span a course of three, four, five, six, or seven days. Two are available to access free in the app — one for mornings, and one for bedtime.

A guided meditation.

So what you have with Wild Journey are three excellent features — immersive landscapes, one-minute meditations, and more structured guided meditations. All of these are based around those rich and detailed 3D soundscapes. But that’s not all the app has to offer.

Wild Journey also integrates with the Health app, and there users can track their Mindful Minutes. It can also remind you via a notification to pause and meditate, and users can even choose whether they’d like a male or female narrator to guide them through their mindful journey (although the only accents available are American English). The design of the app is perfect, too — the interface complements the feel of Wild Journey well: it’s both minimalistic and refined.

A sneak peek at what’s coming.

You can try Wild Journey entirely free of charge: six landscapes, two guided meditations, and a number of one-minute meditations are available. To access more content though, a subscription is required — this will set you back $6.99 (£6.49) per month or $46.99 (£43.99) per year. However, the developer of Wild Journey is actively and regularly adding new content to the app.

So where will your first destination be? Eagle Mountain, Mossy Pines, or perhaps Redwood Peak? Have a relaxing and mindful “wild journey.”