Welcome to part four of our festive roundup series! We’ve been showing you all the best apps to help you stay on top of the holiday season with nothing more than an iPhone or iPad. Just two more to come after this one!

Part one: the best apps for making plans.
Part two: the best apps for gift shopping.
Part three: the best travel and weather apps.

Christmas food and drink

Whether it’s your turn to cook, or you just fancy offering a helping hand, there are some superb apps for use in the kitchen.

Here’s our pick of the four most useful apps to have on hand this Christmas. Oh, and they’re all free – you’re welcome.

Kitchen Stories [Free]

This is our favorite cookbook app, mostly because it’s so elegant and well thought out. Not only does the app tempt with gorgeous photography, but recipes provide step-by-step photo instructions, so you know what everything should look like at each point. How-to videos give you basic tips, too, if you’re caught on the hop and asked to assist in getting Christmas dinner ready.

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Yummly [Free]

The idea behind Yummly is to put every recipe in the world in your pocket. It roams popular foodie websites and enables you to quickly search for food by cuisine, taste, diet, technique, and all kinds of other keywords. You can save ingredients lists, along with storing favorite recipes for next time around.


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Vert S [Free]

Some cooking apps are good at dealing with conversions, but some aren’t. If you find yourself staring quizzically at ounces or grams, use Vert S to quickly convert units. If you use specific conversions frequently, you can save them to the app’s favorites tab.


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Cocktail Flow [Free]

Turkey? Fine. Potatoes? Whatever. If your idea of food and drink tends towards the latter during the holidays, grab a copy of Cocktail Flow. This free app provides hundreds of recipes, including a Christmas collection (such as Chocolatini, Jingle Juice, and, er, Russian Santa). And if you’re feeling contrary – or just freezing cold – head to the poolside options, don some earbuds, blast summer music into your ears, and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere.

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