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Apple’s free app of the week: Lost in Harmony!

The beautifully-designed music-focused free-runner Lost in Harmony has gone free on the App Store after being selected by Apple as its free app of the week.

Every week Apple chooses a new app to make free for users, scouring the App Store for the best of the best. Lost in Harmony is a totally unique game that we’d recommend all users, whether regular iOS game-players or not to give it a play. It’s based on rhythm, led by the game’s incredible soundtrack, and while the gameplay is challenging as it progresses, the beginning levels are also a joy to behold as your character travels towards the screen, leaving breath-taking backdrops in full view.

As Apple puts it:

“Unique and beautiful, Lost in Harmony is a hypnotizing experience that’s part rhythm game, part dreamlike runner. You’ll skateboard toward the screen, outrunning tsunamis, dodging robot cops, and tapping floating icons in time with the beat. Each level is totally distinct—and the mesmerizing soundtrack evolves as the stage changes. Between action sequences, you’ll explore a sentimental story about the characters, lending the dream worlds a deeper meaning.”

Download Lost in Harmony for free on the App Store now

Watch the gameplay in action in the video below: