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Micro Breaker – energetic pinball-style arcade game

Energetic pinball-style arcade game

Price: Free
Size: 127.1 MB
Version: 1.0.19
Platform: iPhone / iPad
Developer: Marcin Kloc

Micro Breaker

Like a pinball game mixed up with Space Invaders and a bit of Breakout, Micro Breaker stacks retro upon retro upon retro.

Break, smash and grab

The game works by giving you control over a panel which you can move omnidirectionally to about midway up a board. Using the panel, your job is to break bricks by swooshing that ball into the 3D cubs with enough pelt. The faster and more purposefully you swipe, the faster you’ll demolish them as they ping off the walls and each other with force.

There are loads of different level designs across the game

Power-ups will help you along the way, including shields and lasers to help you smash even more blocks. But be careful – using your finger to move the panel can be fiddly and if you lift your finger off the screen at the wrong moment you could lose your position. However, there are various methods to keep your life going, including premium packs you can buy, or simply some lucky objects you picked up along the way.

And if all that isn’t quite tantalizing enough for you to download the game, perhaps the fact it’s a free download will.  A great many games on the App Store now either come at a cost or feature IAP and subscriptions. Micro Breakers kicks it old school by being ad-supported. Unfortunately, it reminded us just how frustrating these games were – particularly when, like with Micro Breakers, it can get seriously challenging. Screwed up and need to start again after 15 seconds? Well, you’ll have to watch an ad first.

Take different routes to new levels across multiple stages

However, there are 130 different stages you can play without technically paying a penny, which is impressive. The route to new levels isn’t always linear either, with different routes to take if you find yourself stuck.

Finally, it’s worth noting the AR mode where you can play the game superimposed over what your camera can see through its viewfinder. Though this felt more of a gimmick, as the board ended up smaller and harder to see, it’s a neat effect to try out and certainly feels futuristic.

The powers ups will prove a massive help – grab them if you can

Overall, Micro Breakers is entertaining, but the gameplay and aesthetics don’t always strike the most exciting balance between its influences. Still, it’s a nice experience if you’re in the mood for something arcadey.