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First impressions: Battle Bay – a new game by Angry Birds developer

Rovio Entertainment, the developer of Angry Birds, has released a brand new game – and it’s ambitious. Called Battle Bay, the game has just been featured on the App Store and has already gained an average review score of 4.5 stars.

We’ve given it a go ourselves and we’ve got to say, it’s a smooth game and easy to pick up. So what is it exactly? It’s far flung from flinging angry birds at pigs. This game is all about facing off in an epic water-based battle.

Essentially, you control a ship with a supporting group of other boats as you battle an enemy with various guns and bombs.


There’s plenty of strategy going on here – there’s opportunities to play it defensive, or go all out on the attack. We’d recommend against the latter in the early stages while your guns are fairly weak and require a long regeneration time.

The difficulty ramps up pretty quick, but one thing it has going for it is the boats really aren’t that fast. It means those more interested in stealth and strategy than all out action might enjoy this approach.


Another great feature is that you can play against live opponents with the mobile online multiplayer mode. However, to train up you ship, you’ll have to wait – of course, this can be speeded up with IAPs.

Battle Bay is available on the App Store now for iPhone and iPad– it’s free to play, though it does have a number of IAPs. Give it a shot, and download below.