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Gaming price drops – 5 great iOS titles on sale

It can be hard to find real bargains on the App Store these days, as so many services and utilities have moved to a freemium model with no up-front cost. But premium gaming experiences still typically come with a price tag – and luckily for us, some of the greats are offering deep discounts over the festive period.

We’ve plucked out only the finest rare gems: highly-rated games that don’t often go on sale. Perfect to stock up your gaming library, and a good chance to grab some last-minute Christmas presents too. Just hit Share > Gift App on any of these to purchase for a friend. You can even schedule their gift email and download code to arrive on Christmas Day. They won’t know you only paid the discounted rate!

All prices are accurate at the time of writing, but please be mindful that they could change at any time.

Currently on sale


Was $3/£3, now $1/£1

A poignant love story with occasional but welcome game mechanics, we rated this one a full five stars when it released in 2018. The comic book presentation and interactive storytelling still holds up and has inspired many copycats.

Donut County

Was $5/£5, now $2/£2

This is a charmingly bizarre physics puzzler starring a lovable cast of critters. It’s surprisingly affecting for a game in which you play as a big hole that swallows up trash – read our review for more.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

Was $7/£7, now $4/£4

We briefly covered the first Meteorfall, a charming roguelike card game set in a cartoonish world of swords and sorcery. This sequel takes everything good about that first title and dials it up a notch. Nice!


Was $5/£5, now $3/£3

After winning all kinds of Game of the Year awards for PS3 consoles, Journey finally came to iOS in 2019. It’s an adventure game in which you’ll end up cooperating wordlessly with a random stranger over the internet, and it’s a serene and beautiful experience from start to finish.


Was $5/£5, now $2/£2

Winner of 2018’s iPad Game of the Year, Gorogoa is a lavishly hand-drawn puzzle game with an incredible imagination. There’s nothing else quite like it.