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OLO Loco – multiplayer shuffleboard fun

Fun, multi-player shuffleboard action

Price: $4/£4
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 503 MB
Platform: iPhone/iPad
Developer: Rogue Games

OLO Loco

There’s a lot of influences floating around here: skeeball, chess, air hockey, even something like Pucket. The idea in this shuffleboard-style game is to fling a bunch of your counters into your opponent’s zone to win points.

It’s simple, but potentially very frenetic. We’ll expand on the potential later.

Slide your counters into the opponent’s area to win points!

Let’s briefly outline the concept, and then the various modes. The general approach is to use your finger to slide your counters onto the board. Depending on where they land, and how big the counters are, you’ll win points. It’s pretty minimalist, but it’s fun, colorful, and challenging in the right circumstances.

As for the modes, there are various ways to play the game. Firstly, you have a choice between playing a 2-player game or a 4-player game. This is played locally, meaning you can get 1 or 3 other people to gather around your iPhone or iPad with you to take part – a great addition to a night in with some pals.

For these modes, you get the choice between 3 game styles. First is Classic, where you simply have to slide your counter into your opponent’s board to win points. Reverso throws in a twist: hit your opponent’s counter and the colors will reverse, meaning you could accidentally score for the other team. Finally, we have Boolo, where an equal number of variously sized circles are present on the board. You’ll want to slide your counter into your colored circle. Make no mistake, this is hella challenging.

Different modes make it more challenging – try and slide your counters into the circles

Separately, there is an online mode. This means you can set up a game, take your turn, while in the background the app matches you with another real-life user. In their own time, they will take their turn, and eventually you’ll have a game going. However, we found this mode pretty infuriating. While it was great to be able to play when we didn’t have local players, the wait between your turn and your opponent’s is tedious. It can work if you like a relaxed long game, taking your turns throughout the day whenever the app pings you, but this is where the frenetic side of the gameplay falls away.

OLO Loco is smooth, brightly-colored, and appealing. Currently, online play doesn’t have the same pull as local games. But despite this, it’ll be a great game to play with your kids and friends alike – especially if you can get four people around a nice big iPad.