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Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire
Was $3/£3, then $2/£2, now FREE

Grab yourself a bargain this weekend with one of the oddest platform games we’ve encountered on the App Store. Le Parker: Sous Chef is essentially old-school Super Mario, if it was set in France and you were rescuing a delicious soufflé recipe instead of a princess.

Get far enough and you’ll find yourself up against some very strange opponents

We gave Le Parker four stars when it was released just over a year ago, concluding that “the whole thing adds up to a pleasant daytime slumber wrapped inside a fever dream.” Read our full review here if you need convincing it’s worth your time.

This is a bonkers, original presentation of a familiar gameplay style, and definitely worth checking out while it’s free. Remember, though, that sales don’t last forever and you should double-check the price on the App Store before downloading.

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