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Review: Shooty Skies – Aerial Arcade Annihilation

Shooty skies is a frenetic, pick-up-and-play arcade shooter from some of the team that brought you Crossy Roads.

Price: Free (IAP)
Version: 1.1
Size: 82.9 MB
Developer: Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd
Platform: iPhone & iPad

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As we hinted previously, the game builds on the same formula as it’s predecessor combining addictive gameplay with bright graphics, great animation and just the right level of in-app purchases.

You are thrust straight into the action from the off, using your finger to guide the pilot through a maelstrom of enemies and projectiles all in eye popping ‘voxel’ style graphics. It really is a sugar rush for your eyes. Keeping your finger in contact with the screen will keep your pilot auto-firing. By lifting your finger you will initiate a power-up and when you place your finger back down you’ll unleash a more powerful attack. Take that giant soda machine! Knowing when to power-up is the key here as you can’t dodge obstacles when you can’t steer!


No time for a complicated storyline, there’s thingsto shooty!

The game is seemingly endless, so when you do hit the deck, and you will, the coins you’ve collected and the distance of your ill-fated flight are totalled up and allow you to buy-in to continue the game from the same point. This is something you’ll be thankful for as you are enveloped with giant mouths, boom boxes, robots, space invaders and internet cats. Miss one of your enemies and they’ll likely loop up behind you like, well, a flying enemy so be sure to pick up power-ups when you can. You can also trade your coins for upgraded firepower for 2 hour periods with quad-cannons and homing missiles at your disposal.


Share your high scores or moments of annihilation straight to social via these auto screen shot highlights

The key with Shooty Skies is to get familiar with your enemies. That arcade machine bouncing towards you is going to spew out a circle of joysticks any second. Take a tip from the arcade machines of old and get familiar with the patterns of your swirling enemies.


Some characters are unlock-able through gameplay

Certain boxes will leave a present for you to pick up; from increasing the spray of your ammo to a rocket-pug armed with a rocket launcher. Naturally. You’ll be thankful for you canine wingman when you encounter one of the many arcade inspired bosses. Part of what makes Shooty Skies so playable is how easy it is to continue the game when your plane is downed. You’ll be given the option to spend some coin to get back in the sky or watch a short advert. This freemium feature doesn’t really detract from the game and the more expensive power-ups are always in reach even without raiding your wallet. The only thing you can’t access without payment are some of the other characters available, even then these just differ visually rather than unlocking any new gameplay.


Switch to guns! Things become busy, fast!

Things get crazy in Shooty Skies. Like one of the arcade greats, the game is a test of timing and reaction and coupled with controls that anyone can instantly pick up and play, it’s not long before you’re unleashing quad missiles and fighting a soda machine or a ‘party bear’! Then after a blaze of pixelated glory as Party Bear implodes like a dwarf star along with some singing cats you’ll be presented with a unicorn character. It doesn’t make any sense, but it sure is fun.


Lift your finger to power up a more devastating round of fire

Shooty Skies is a classic style game brought to life with some vibrant graphics and packaged up cleverly with its sights on the fast moving app market. It’s not the Maverick that this genre once was, but it’s no Goose either when it comes to fast-paced arcade action.