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Review: Skiing Yeti Mountain – super-simple slalom fun

Uber-simplistic skiing game – classic free-to-play action, without force-feeding players IAPs every five minutes

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 53.1 MB
Developer: Featherweight

Simple, free-to-play games hit the App Store daily. Their concept rarely strays from its core, and (perhaps cynically, but probably not) largely exist to make money.

But every now and then one crops up that is actually a decent affair – and, while certainly released with the intention of putting foods in the mouths of developers (we’re not saying we would begrudge them that) they’re not top heavy with ads or IAPs. They’re just simple, fun, and harmless.


That big old cliff jump makes the slalom tricky

Skiing Yeti Mountain is no doubt one of these. In fact, it reminds us a little of the recent Mr Jump phenomenon, though nowhere near as challenging, it’s free to play and the ads generally don’t ruin the experience. In fact, in Yeti Mountain, the short videos (which can be skipped every 5 secs) happen between every couple of levels, and not every few respawns as in Mr Jump.

Try and beat the time

Try and beat the time

The goal is to slalom to the bottom of the mountain by using a single thumb (or finger) to move left and right on the screen. The idea is to have your skier to go in and out of the flags, avoid the trees (hit them and you restart) and reach the finish line of each level. Do it in a predetermined time and you get experience points, and further success eventually leads to new items and accessories.

Avoid those trees!

Avoid those trees!

There’s a loose narrative that follows; essentially your character is in search of an elusive Yeti. Along the way a cast of characters ski in and out of your story with some advice, introductions to new gameplay elements (like cliff jumps) and to gently push forward the story.

The game is nice and long too – with hundreds of levels to ski through. It’s a great game to play in short bursts, or long sessions; powering through the levels. Some are more challenging than others, but it doesn’t generally ramp up the difficulty, instead taking a more random approach to difficulty.

One of many odd characters you'll meet

One of many odd characters you’ll meet

In conclusion, Skiing Yeti Mountain is a solid free-to-play game. There’s only one IAP – remove ads for $2.99/£2.29, which is not cheap for such a feature, but it’s up to the player either way; the ads aren’t particularly intrusive. The gameplay is fun, and straight forward. It’s no classic, but it’s a great, light game to keep on your phone and gradually work through.