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Splode’n’die Review: A lesson in arcade games for developers

Splode’n’die is a lesson in arcade games – it’s all-round good fun; just how it should be

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Splode’n’die is the latest arcade game on the iOS block, and, like all good Nic Cage movies, explosions are everywhere, it’s very difficult to discern what exactly is going on, but finally, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Taking part in some kind of weird, volatile assembly line structure, wobbling little blobs are sent along the screen at a moderate pace. The player’s job is to blow them up. To do this, you’re equipped with some kind of laser canon – blow all blobs up, and you’re onto the next level.

Get three blues in a row and you'll 'splode the lot

Get three blues in a row and you’ll ‘splode the lot

At just under 50 levels, the game size is decent; especially considering how quickly its difficulty ramps up. At the start you’re only faced with the blue monsters, and blue canons. Then pink blobs are introduced, and pink canons. And that’s where the difficulty lies, you can only destroy the blobs with their corresponding canon color. It’s fine at two, but then we get orange, and yet another canon. Thankfully the game dials is back for a level or two each time a new creature is introduced, just to give you that breathing space.


The later orange blobs are a little more… explosive?

It’s a pretty exhilarating game too; each blob has their own special characteristics – a certain number of them in a row will make them explode, and depending on the color, take out a good number around them. The elation when you’re just about to crack, and lose the level as your screen fills with winking, blinking, and vibrating blobs, and you’ll nail a blue, land three orange blobs in a row, and find that half the army have been destroyed.


Each little creature has its own personality and powers

According to the iTunes description, the key to Splode’n’die is rhythm, but we found that with each level, the conveyor belt moves around, and the cannons are dotted around in different places. Contorting your fingers to reach them, finding the correct series of taps, and basically keeping your eyes in four places at once relegates any sense of rhythm to your subconscious, which has enough on its plate as it is.


Each character is well-explained…

Splode’n’die is great; cartoon colors, cutesy characters, and solid gameplay for all levels – just be careful, because if you try too hard to explode those monsters, you may well explode your own brain.

Price: $2.99 / £1.99
Size: 129 MB
Version: 1.0
Platform: iOS Universal
Kevin Choteau

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