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100+ A.I. apps removed – Apple responds to new laws in China

Apple has pulled dozens of “ChatGPT-like” apps from the Chinese App Store, ahead of new regulations introduced to protect China’s “socialist values”.

Over 100 artificial intelligence apps have been removed from sale, as they would supposedly contravene new laws coming into play in China on August 15. Part of the worry is how these large language model apps can create false information – which they often do – although China is of course notoriously strict when it comes to these things. The Chinese government claims that such apps could pose a threat to national security, and new laws on generative A.I. aim to combat this.

Apple has come under fire before for ceding too easily to China’s government, presumably wanting to keep the country on side to protect profits and manufacturing agreements. However, it’s worth noting that Apple always removes content that breaks national laws, and it looks as though these apps will soon be illegal in China.

Strangely, ChatGPT itself remains available in China, despite the purge of similar apps.