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iPhone 6 preorders now offered by China’s online sellers

The iPhone 6 hasn’t been announced, let alone released, but that hasn’t stopped a number of online sellers in China offering pre-orders on the so far non-existent phone.

Recent rumors have all but confirmed the presence of an iPhone 6, alongside a number of its features, including the likelihood of two screen sizes: 4.7 and 5.5 inch.

Chinese sellers have jumped on this and are encouraging customers to place pre-orders to ensure they get one of the new iPhones.

Some sellers go further than others – one has listed a release date as September 20, and confirmed the two sizes. The site is offering a smaller version for around ¥5,288 ($851) and  a larger version for ¥5,988 ($964). Another has presented a page very much in the style of Apple, and has priced the iPhone 6 at ¥7,999 ($1,288).

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