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4G iPhone 12 – a cheaper model planned for 2021?

According to a report from Business Insider, Apple is planning to follow up its regular iPhone 12 launch this Fall with a cheaper variant early next year.

It’s widely expected that Apple will unveil four new iPhone models this Fall (though perhaps slightly later than usual thanks to COVID-19). These models – which we’ll call iPhone 12 – are likely to be Apple’s first to embrace 5G connectivity, a superfast cellular network that’s growing fast around the world.

However, depending on where you live, 5G isn’t relevant to everyone – and as a relatively new technology, including a 5G modem certainly ramps up the cost of the iPhone. Especially with supplies supposedly limited this year. This may be why Apple is reportedly planning a 4G variant of the iPhone 12 for release in March 2021.

Many regions aren’t embracing 5G in the foreseeable future. So for those who don’t want or need 5G connectivity, an alternate version with a current-gen 4G modem but all the other benefits of the upcoming iPhone 12 intact could be the perfect way to save a bit of money. Analysts predict this variant could run around $800.

Of course, the downside is that such a release would further complicate Apple’s lineup of devices. It might make more sense for Apple to instead update the budget-friendly iPhone SE more regularly. But we can certainly see the potential market for a cheaper non-5G enabled iPhone. Watch this space.