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5G specs inching towards a standard equipment-makers like Apple can work towards

We recently reported on AT&T’s testing of a 5G network. The next step from 4G, or LTE, 5G is expected to be almost unfathomably faster than its preceding framework. However, as noted, despite these tests, until a standard for 5G is launched that both manufacturers and carriers could work towards, it all remains a little too theoretical.

However, the International Telecommunication Union has published its performance expectations in what’s being seen as the groundwork for a real standard.

As engadget notes, these expectations are reflective “of a good home internet connection.”

Specifically, a user should get 100Mbps download speeds, with 50Mbps for uploads. Many internet providers still struggle to offer those speeds at all.

Lag times will also drastically reduce from 20ms on LTE to less than 4ms on 5G.

Next steps include an ITU meeting to approve the specs in November, though they may change. However, importantly, device manufacturers like Apple now have figures in mind when designing handsets over the next couple of years. This is often the step that can keep technological developments like this out of the hands of users.

Read our previous report on the 5G tests here, involving AT&T, which is promising speeds far higher than those laid out above.