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A food magazine has just shot an entire issue’s photos using iPhones

In 2016 the army of foodgrammers – individuals that take photos of their meals to post to Instagram – remains strong. But what happens when a respected food magazine gets in on the action? Bon Appetit has just revealed that it’s just shot an entire issue’s photos using iPhones.

The magazine has also celebrated the bold move by publishing interview snippets with a handful of photographers that took part in the issue. What did they think of the idea?

“I was really excited about it, because despite being a photographer as my job, the camera I use most in my everyday life is actually my iPhone. In some ways, it’s the camera I’m most comfortable with. But I actually felt kind of weird doing it professionally.” – Cait Oppermann, Brooklyn-based photographer

The team of photographers also played around with the concept, including harnessing some well-worn and cliched camera-phone tropes.

“In the car on the way over, we were joking that we should take the portrait with a selfie stick. And somehow the prop stylist had a selfie stick that she bought at a drug store to us within 10 minutes of that idea…at 8:30 a.m.” – Michael Graydon, Toronto-based photographer

The photographers also express the difficulty of using the iPhone professionally, from simple quality issues like accomplishing the depth of field required, to simple distractions like notifications and messages popping up on the iPhone’s screen while the photographer works.

It’s all fascinating stuff, but the images themselves are the true focus here – check those out and the full interview on Bon Appetit’s website.

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