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AirPod approval rating currently at 98 percent

It may not be an official Apple satisfaction survey, but research firm Creative Strategies, alongside Experian have found AirPods users are overwhelmingly pleased with their purchase. The figures show that 98 percent of users are satisfied with Apple’s wireless earbuds.

The survey only encompassed 942 customers (perhaps the continued low stock levels haven’t helped – the product will still take 6 weeks for delivery,) but it does provide a decent overview of satisfaction levels.

Drilling deeper into the report, it shows that 82 percent are “very satisfied,” 16 percent are simply “satisfied,” and just two percent are “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,” or “dissatisfied.”

Furthermore, AirPods received a a rating of 75 – to put that in context, above 50 is “excellent” and above 70 percent is “world class.” Apple is used to having world class products – the iPhone scored 72 percent in the same survey.

As for other products, the iPhone also scored a 92 percent satisfaction rate, while Apple’s other recent new product the Apple Watch scored an impressive 97 percent. An interesting conclusion to draw is that the AirPods are Apple’s most well-received product in years.

Amusingly, one of the words often used by respondents was “magic.” The Airpods charge via a case, which, when opened, connects to a users device. Other words include “convenient,” “good sound,” “battery life,” and “fit.”

More information from the survey can be found over on the Experian blog.

Apple AirPods can be bought on Apple’s website.