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Always wanted to work in fast food service? Then give free game Order’s Up a shot now

Have you always longed to work in fast food? Are you so desperate to don a greasy uniform that you’d waive an hourly wage? Then a new fast food management sim by Appsolute Games called Order’s Up might well be for you!

Not sold? It does seem there’s a paradox with these kind of games. From early city-building sims to a game that’s all about working in the service industry. It’s almost as if player’s are happy working menial jobs. Just as long as they’re colorful and take place inside an iOS device.

But in all seriousness, the worst thing about service jobs is the long hours and the customers. Real life people can be far worse than a handful of sprites.

In the game, you have to serve up food to hungry customers. Complete the orders on time by tapping out the right sequence. Then if you earn enough money you can buy up to five different restaurants. These sell fast food ranging from burgers, pizzas, sushi and tacos.

So, if you want a quick blast at serving up junk food, even just to remind yourself you don’t have to do it in real life, give Order’s Up a go now. It’s free in the App Store!  And if you do work in fast food in real life… maybe you shouldn’t play this game.