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App Store records: sales hit all-time high over holidays

Apple may be having a tough time in the news at the moment, with shares dropping considerably after lowering its sales expectations for its upcoming quarterly earnings call. But though iPhone sales have plateaued (primarily due to issues in the Chinese market) its services are stronger than ever. Case in point: the App Store.

The App Store is the crown jewel of iOS and it seems that users just can’t stop spending, especially over the holidays. Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve app sales hit a whopping $1.22 billion – an all-time record for the period.

2019 has started with a bang, too, with a new single-day sales record clocking in $322 million on New Year’s Day. This can be chalked up in large part to users buying apps to help kickstart New Year’s Resolutions, with fitness and brain-training apps proving especially popular.

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Apple has also hit record revenues in many of its other services like Apple Music and iCloud. Lower iPhone sales may sound bad for investors, but it hints at a future in which users keep their devices for longer and thus have more money left over for apps and games instead. That doesn’t sound so bad!