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Apple announces exclusive HBO Now streaming deal

It’s been revealed that Apple will be the exclusive launch partner for HBO Now, the premium cable channel’s brand new streaming service.

The deal was announced at a live event hosted by Apple in Cupertino California.

Apple CEO Tim Cook started by announcing that to date, Apple TV had sold 25 million units sold. He went on to reveal that Apple would be reducing its price. “We want to make it even more accessible,” said Cook. “We’re lowering the price today to $69. This is just the beginning.”

He went on to mention Apple was adding more from content providers each day, but had one service to talk about in particular – HBO.

Cook then introduced HBO CEO Richard Plepler to the stage. He was there to announce a long talked about standalone streaming service: HBO now. He revealed that Apple would be the exclusive partner for launch.

“When you subscribe to HBO now, you’ll have access to all programming past, present and future,” said Plepler. “All you need is Broadband connection and an Apple device.”

HBO Now will be available on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad from early April. It’ll cost $14.99 per month, though the first month will be free if viewers sign up straight away.