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Apple buys sleep tracking company Beddit; working on Apple Watch improvements?

Are sleep tracking features coming to Apple products?

Apple has big plans in the health industry, we know that. Apple also likes to snap up companies it thinks could help with future endeavors. So the news that Apple has just purchased Beddit, a Finnish firm that specializes in sleep tracking, should come as no great surprise.

Beddit makes sleep-tracking monitors, devices that sit under the sheets to keep an eye on your movements throughout the night. This data is then fed back to an app for analysis of sleep quality, duration, heart rate, breathing and snoring. It can also be used as an alarm to wake you during a light sleep pattern.

It doesn’t look like Apple is planning to halt any of Beddit’s existing product lines – at least not yet – but this acquisition likely spells a big improvement for the tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch. Currently there are no sleep monitoring features on iOS or watchOS and Apple could be buying up expertise in order to add these functions to its devices.

As one team of experts comes in, though, another leaves – Apple’s resident sleep scientist just left the company after working on Night Shift and Bedtime features for iOS. Coincidence? Who can tell.

Last time Apple bought up a company starting with “Be” it helped kickstart Apple Music into life. Could this latest acquisition have a similar knock-on effect for the future of health tracking?