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Apple CEO Tim Cook among tech heads meeting President-Elect Trump

Tim Cook is among a plethora of Silicon Valley CEOs meeting with US President-Elect Donald Trump today.

The meeting has been reported on across the media with the New York Times revealing a list of tech pioneers that, alongside Cook, includes Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Larry Page and Eric E. Schmidt, plus others from the likes of Oracle, Intel, Cisco and IBM.

Re/Code, meanwhile, reports that according to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, the social network wasn’t invited to attend, though rival platform Facebook has been, with Sheryl Sandberg set to attend the meeting.

According to reports, Trump’s tech summit has no set agenda, but with so many high-profile figures in the room, it’ll no doubt throw up some interesting discussions. It’s believed that Trump does, however, wish to focus in on how the tech industry can help support the job market. As for Apple specifically, many will wonder if Trump’s comments on Apple’s involvement in the San Bernadino shooter’s case will arise.

Last year, the FBI demanded Apple build a ‘GovtOS’ to allow access to the shooter’s iPhone 5c. Apple refused, leading Trump to comment that if he would have forced Apple to provide access, while if he was eventually elected president, he’d also make them build their products in the United States.

Apple generally provides financial and tech support to both Democratic and Republican conventions, but this year made no attempts to hide its position on Trump by withdrawing from this position at the GOP convention.

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