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Apple cuts refund times in half for online store

Apple has made it quicker to return its products after purchase in a move that could show the company trying to become more competitive in the online retail space.

Until recently, Apple has maintained a 10-day waiting period for refunds following a purchase from the Online Apple Store. However, this has now been cut to just over a week thanks to a chance in the company’s delivery methods.

Apple has now switched to FedEx 2Day, which allows customers use prepaid labels to ship items back to Apple warehouses in less than three days.

In 2013, Apple became the number 2 online retailer thanks to a 24% increase in online sales – placing it just behind Amazon. However, second place is clearly not high enough for the Cupertino company, who’s previous focus has always been on its high-profile Apple retail store’s; speeding up its returns policy could give it the boost it needs to creep further up the chain behind Amazon, especially as costs aren’t been passed on to users.