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Apple expand website with integrated store and booking features

Just a few weeks after Apple combined its main website with its online store, it has updated the site yet again to better integrate features from its physical retail stores: namely, Genius Bar and Workshop scheduling.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is attempting to unify all its retail services. Bookings for appointments and events will now be made directly through the website, whereas previously bookings were handled through the ‘Concierge’ scheduling system on a standalone website. The Concierge name remains but is now integrated into individual pages of the website.

The free Apple workshops have been consolidated into easier to understand categories, with a site redesign that should in theory make it easier than ever to book the educational sessions at your local retail store.

This follows the significant change made earlier this month that merged the Apple Online Store with its main website, replacing the ‘Store’ menu option with a shopping bag icon. You can now ‘add to bag’ from anywhere on the regular Apple website, making a much more seamless purchasing journey for customers.

All these changes to the website also include a new focus on usability for everyone. The website has been redesigned to be fully adaptive, with bespoke interfaces for mobile devices. Apple also note that customers with visual or hearing impairments will find the website much easier to use thanks to some new accessibility features.

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