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iPods not feeling the love in Apple retail stores – music player relegated to shelves

The Apple retail stores are getting a pretty major shake-up, and it’s bad news for Apple’s former flagship device: the iPod. The music player is set to be relegated from the sales floor to the accessory shelves. Ouch.

The iPad may not be too happy either. The iPad-based Smart Signs that are placed next to a number of display device will also start disappearing from stores from today in the US.

First reported by 9to5Mac, it’s believed that Apple is aiming to simplify the ways in which its customers shop. The plans were revealed to Apple Retail managers in a briefing.

The iPod’s move represents its position in the Apple product line. The shakeup means that the company’s more profitable items, namely iPhones, the Watch, Macs, and iPads will get more key floor space. That’s not to say Apple ignores the iPod completely – this year saw the music device line refreshed. Though notably, it was the first in 3 years, rather than the annual update products like the iPhone receive.

Apple will also be removing the iPad Smart Signs. These previously sat next to devices like the iPhone, and were pre-loaded with pricing and product info. However, Apple says its customers can become confused, presuming the iPads to be another device to try out, rather than an informational tool.

It’s believed this information will now be loaded onto each individual device that’s available for demo.

In other retail news, it was also revealed recently that those wishing to get to grips with the Apple Watch no longer need to make an appointment.