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Apple hikes screen repair and AppleCare costs

Following the launch of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and iPhone X, Apple has increased the cost of screen repairs by $20/£20.

A screen fix for an iPhone 6s or 7 has risen from $129 to $149, while Plus models have gone up from $149 to $169.

The new prices can be found on Apple’s service pricing webpage. Interestingly, Apple has yet to reveal the cost of an iPhone X screen repair.

Of course, AppleCare users get a reduced rate for screen repairs – which remain at $29 – but some purchasers of the extended warranty don’t escape the price hikes. While the cost of repair might remain the same, the price of AppleCare has risen from $129 to $149 to for Plus customers, though stays at $129 for regular models.

However, if you’re planning on purchasing an iPhone X with AppleCare, the price is $199 for Apple’s special edition device, which might irk some users that have already splashed out at least $1,000 for the new device.

The price hike was first reported by a series of Reddit users last weekend.

What is AppleCare?

AppleCare is Apple’s extended warranty plan. New devices come with a one-year limited warranty, including 90 days of technical over-the-phone support.

However, AppleCare provides an extended warranty of two years from the date of purchase, including telephone support.

Find out more about AppleCare on Apple’s website.