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iPhone 5c

Apple launches 8GB iPhone 5C

Apple has officially launched the 8GB version of the iPhone 5c, in Europe at least.

After initial reports teasing the impending availability of an even cheaper version of the already ‘budget’ handset started circulating, the handset appeared on Apple’s online store this week.

It’s currently on sale for £429, unlocked, in the UK, £40 ($66) cheaper than its 16GB counterpart. It’s also being sold via carrier O2 in the UK and in France via SFR. While the 8GB 5c is already available in Australia and China, it’s notable by its absence in the US, though it is expected to arrive later this year.

The news first arose on March 17 thanks to a leaked email from O2 Germany that described plans by Apple to launch an 8GB variant that would be reduced by €60. The US wasn’t left out, however, a 16GB fourth-gen iPad, available for $399 from the Apple store was relaunched at the same time.


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