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Apple Maps now has three times as many users as Google Maps on the iPhone

The true extent of Apple Maps’ reach has been revealed – it’s now used three times more often than Google Maps on the iPhone.

Despite a wobbly start, Apple’s own Maps technology has grown significantly, and while many will still profess that Google’s solution is superior, it appears that the majority of Apple users are happy enough to stick with the proprietary app.

It’s good news for Apple – the lackluster launch of Maps back in 2012, which saw many users ending up in the wrong place altogether, has somewhat haunted the app ever since. This attitude was perhaps down to Maps’ replacement of Google Maps, which was the previous default maps app on the iPhone. Replacing a solid, quality app, with one that was yet to find its feet certainly frustrated many users.

However, with each update, Maps has improved. It now has decent 3D imagery, Transit instructions for public transport, and loads of other extra features.

And it’s paid off. Apple has told Associated Press that Maps is now used three times as much as Google Maps, adding that there are more than 5 billion map requests made each week.

Of course, much of the app’s ubiquity will be down to the fact that Maps is built into iOS. It’s been a long time since its first blunders and users arriving since will have found a perfectly usable solution. Why would they seek out Google Maps? Furthermore, Maps’ native app status means its plugged into Siri, giving it an extra layer of usability that Google’s app can’t match.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – Apple won’t be making its leading apps and technology available on other platforms like Android anytime soon, meaning that Google’s app still has twice as many users as Apple Maps across all smartphones.

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