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Apple might buy a Hollywood studio in 2017, suggests Tweet from internet entrepreneur

Claiming #InsiderIntel, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has said Apple will buy a Hollywood Studio in 2017.

It’s well known that Apple has original content ambitions, potentially circling around its Apple TV set-top box. But what it will actually entail is still very much up for debate as Apple remains tight-lipped.

The tweet above shows Dotcom making the prediction – though whether it’s based on any fact, or even sincerity, is up for debate. However, there’s no doubt it’s an interesting concept. Apple had a notable presence at the Sundance Film Festival this year and has reportedly been talking to A-List talent.

Apple’s also been attempting to bring more exclusive movies to iTunes, by negotiating with major studios. Some it’s tried to bring to iTunes while still in theaters. And having a major studio of your own would certainly help with that…