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Apple might release a 12.9-inch iPad in 2015

According to renowned finance group Bloomberg, Apple could well be planning to release the Maxi to their Mini when it comes to iPads.

In a new report, which doesn’t really cite sources aside from “people with knowledge of the matter,” Apple will start production on the plus-sized iPad next year.

With rumors elsewhere suggesting that MacBooks are set to get thinner once more, the blurring between the product lines at Apple is in full swing. Not only would this mean that the bigger iPad would sit right in-between the sizes of Apple’s MacBook Air range which start from 11-inches, but MacBooks could well end up not much thicker than an iPad.

However,¬†Apple will have likely learned from a Windows 8-style failure in amalgamating operating systems to provide an app-focused view across all hardware, which could be why we’re seeing more choice amongst hardware.

Bloomberg indicates that, if true, it’s Apple CEO Tim Cook’s way of trying to shake up the iPad product line, which has been in decline for the last two quarters.

iPad’s are currently available with screen-sizes of 9.7-inches, and 7.9 inches.