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Apple Music gets streaming exclusive on Drake’s Views From the 6 album

Canadian rapper Drake is set to release his next album Views From the 6 on April 29 exclusively to Apple’s streaming service.

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo may have finally hit streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify on April 1, but it initially started life as an exclusive release on Jay Z’s Tidal service and it appears it may have only been the start of exclusive content.

It’s certainly not an easy task for streaming services to differentiate. Spotify relies on its early entry to the market, Apple relies on its existing user base, while Tidal… well, it mostly relied on the Kanye exclusive.

But the move clearly struck a chord with Apple and its music streaming service now has an exclusive album itself. However, the announcement has been mired in a little confusion. Drake initially made the announcement via Twitter last Saturday, but then deleted the reveal replacing the tweet with a simple date and the hashtag #VIEWS.

To avoid confusion (or perhaps create more), Apple has since confirmed to Pitchfork that yes, it would be streaming the album exclusively on April 29.

This isn’t Drake’s first association with Apple – it’s no surprise that West’s relationship with Tidal has been mirrored in Drake’s move – he addressed the audience at the keynote during Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in 2015 to talk about Apple Music, which was announced at the event.

Though it’s likely that Drake’s new record will eventually stream across other music sites, you can sign up to Apple Music now by following this guide.

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