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Apple Music set for video-focused redesign in iOS 11

Apple has been taking tentative steps towards video, and while its first series Carpool Karaoke might have been delayed, Apple’s still very much on the path towards this kind of content, if new reports are too be believed.

However, Apple aren’t willing to break out of its audio cocoon just yet – it’s rumored that iOS 11 will feature a major redesign for the stock Music app on all iOS devices, incorporating video as a major focal point.

The information comes via Bloomberg, which recently interviewed Apple’s Jimmy Iovine, who helped spearhead the Apple Music service. Of the project, he says: “A music service needs to be more than a bunch of songs and a few playlists. I’m trying to help Apple Music be an overall movement in popular culture, everything from unsigned bands to video. We have a lot of plans.”

While it doesn’t directly quote Iovine with the information, the article goes on to say the following: “When Apple introduces the next version of its smartphone software iOS later this year, the company plans to unveil a new edition of the Music app that better showcases video.”

The article itself is fascinating and well worth a read, as it goes into detail about Apple’s approach to video and how it has historically, and will likely continue to do so moving forward, use content to sell hardware. Much like it did selling single tracks to popularize the iPod.

Read the full article here.