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Apple to offer original scripted TV shows before end of 2017… but only to Apple Music subscribers

Apple is planning to make a name for itself in Hollywood before the end of 2017, if a report from the Wall Street Journal is anything to go by. The paper is claiming Apple will offer original, scripted TV content to Apple Music subscribers by the end of the year.

According to the report, not only is Apple talking to producers and writers in order to secure original scripts, it’s also attempting to lure top marketing talent from networks to bolster its potential launch. The plans may also include original movie content too.

The WSJ only cited “people with knowledge of the discussions,” as it often does, but frequently its sources turn out to be accurate.

The market is, of course, already dominated by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime video, so how does Apple plan to make a splash? Apparently, the iPhone-provider plans to do something Netflix doesn’t: share viewership and demographic data. Netflix is notoriously resistant to ever sharing data – even to content makers. Apple’s hoping the opposite approach will entice production companies.

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However, the article notes Apple isn’t planning on rolling out numerous properties, instead aiming for a small number of critically acclaimed shows to offer on Apple Music.

Apple has previously expressed interest in launching its own streaming service, but talks fell through after it approached networks for third-party content. There have also been reports in the past that Apple would launch original content elsewhere. For now, at least, it looks like the plan is heavily tied into enticing more users to sign up to Apple Music.

Tim Cook revealed in September last year that Apple Music had already reached 17 million paid subscribers thanks in part to exclusive musical content. Will TV have the same effect on the numbers?

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