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Apple on EU anti-trust regulators radar

According to reports Apple is already being targeted by the European Commission regulators for its music streaming services.

Though a rebranded Beats Music hasn’t even been announced yet (though is expected soon enough) various record labels and digital music businesses have been contacted by the Commission about Apple’s streaming ambition.

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As this story on CultofMac notes, these kinds of investigations generally arise after formal complaints – though who made these has yet to be revealed.

The move harks back to another recent anti-trust lawsuit that came Apple’s way over its ebook controversy in which it was forced to pay over $400 million due to a price-raising scandal.

Though Apple is far from the only company in the streaming game (see Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Jay-Z’s Tidal and others), it’s likely the EC is concerned over Apple’s intentions, specifically, how it may leverage its size to influence the market.

However, Apple is not currently under a formal investigation and the EC’s activities are simply in the information-gathering phase, though a more formal probing could take place.