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Apple projected to return to glass-based design in 2017 iPhone due to Jet Black popularity

Yes, iPhone 8 rumors already (though to be fair they started even before the iPhone 7 was launched). In a new report from a reliable analyst, next year’s iPhone will more than likely feature a brand new design with both the front and rear of the device featuring a glass surface. This glass approach hasn’t been seen since the iPhone 4 and 4s in 2010-11.

It’s believed that Apple has noted the popularity of its new Jet Black design and believe that customers want to return to this type of glossy look and feel. More importantly, a glass display would make it far less prone to the ‘micro abrasions’ Apple has admitted the Jet Black iPhone 7 models are prone to, recommending users use a case.

This also means that potentially, we could see other colors, like gold and rose gold getting the glossy treatment.

The information comes from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s previously made prophetic predictions of Apple’s movements.  He believes that due to the high level of Jet Black pre-orders compared to their difficulty to manufacture is the key reason Apple would move back to glass. However, to avoid those nasty fractured cases that were so frequently seen back in the iPhone 4 days, Apple will likely use ‘2.5D glass’, rather than what’s known as ‘3D glass’, to produce a curvature that performs better under stress than standard glass designs.

As for the rest of the case, the analyst believes Apple will opt for either aluminum or stainless steel, perhaps even making a premium device stainless steel only, to create a new selling feature in the type of metal used. Previously, the Plus’ selling model was solely screen size and image stabilization, but has now widened to dual camera and a subsequent and forthcoming portrait mode.

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Finally, Apple may also introduce a larger 5.8-inch model, made possible by an all-glass design.

Source: 9to5mac