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Apple to rebuild TouchID to cater for future bezel-free iPhones and iPads

Rumors on what the next generation iPhone may feature are coming thick and fast as we move towards an expected September release. However, one notable analyst and frequent commenter Ming-Chi Kuo or KGI Securities has begun looking beyond the 2017 model and into the future. In new commentary, it’s been reported that Apple will be designing an entirely new TouchID fingerprint reader for both iPhones and iPads in the near future.

The purpose of the new reader is to enable the removal of bezels from these devices, introducing a full, edge-to-edge display. It’s already been reported that a new iPad, expected before the next iPhone might feature this design. However, though the development is likely underway, it may not be ready for the next upgrade. A new optical sensor is required to implement a reader that sits beneath the screen.

The analysis goes further, claiming that the TouchID isn’t long for this world altogether. Apple is also working on facial recognition technology allowing users to unlock their devices without fingerprints or passcodes.

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Finally, Kuo muses on 3D Touch, and whether it could possibly work with a predicted curved iPhone display. He notes that Apple would have to switch technology to a ‘film sensor,’ which would provide a greater sensitivity in the technology, vastly improving its approach.

Source: engadget