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Apple rumored to be working on brand new health-tracking device

According to a report from Taiwan, Apple is currently developing mysterious health-tracking hardware to be released as a new product some time in 2017.

Though the details are sketchy thus far, the report does suggest that the device would be a first-generation product, implying it’s a brand new venture for Apple and not an upgrade to the Apple Watch (which, incidentally, we’re expecting to see updated before the year is out.) iDownloadBlog reports:

Economic Daily News suggests the gadget will accurately collect “users’ personal daily life including heart rate, pulse, blood sugar changes and other information.” It’s been reportedly in the works for two years now by Apple’s health teams led by director Jay Blahnik.

The report suggests that the device could use the same pressure-sensing 3D Touch technology seen in the latest iPhones, though it’s not clear if it’s a standalone device or some kind of hardware accessory for an iPhone or Apple Watch. All we can really expect is some kind of gadget – likely a wearable – that tracks more health information than is possible with Apple’s current product lineup.

Apple has been working hard to improve healthcare and integrate its products with health and fitness tracking software, and this mystery device could be the natural progression for a company that increasingly wants to change the world.

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Remember, this is far from fact at this point – although Apple rarely admit the existence of a product until its ready for launch – but it could be an early indicator that more health-centric hardware is on its way in the near future. You never know, Apple could even be planning to carve out an entire new product category for tech companies the world over to follow…