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Apple signs up to the Wireless Power Consortium ahead of iPhone 8, rumored to include wireless charging

Apple has joined a list of 213 businesses listed as members of the Wireless Power Consortium.

The news adds further weight to the rumor that the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging when it’s likely to make its way into the hands of consumers later this year.

The group is focused on promoting wireless power, and aims to do this through a single standard called Qi. It’s the same method of charging that the Apple Watch uses, though it retains some minor tweaks which means other Qi chargers can’t be used for the watch.

As noted by 9to5Mac, which noted the addition of Apple’s name on the WPC’s website, this might also indicate Apple now plans to use inductive charging.

Inductive charging requires the use of a mat to place the device on, much like the tech already present from competitors. Though Apple has been investigating a form of long-range wireless charging, it looks like it might not be ready in time for the next iPhone and that inductive charging will be used instead.

In the meantime, it’s possible for Apple users to charge their devices wirelessly using third-party solutions. This involves attached a QI conductor on the iPhone and using a separate charging pad. You can see a range of those solutions┬áhere.