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Apple struggles to locate & patch all exploits from CIA leak

After the revelation that the CIA’s cyber surveillance division may have allowed code made under its coalescence to reach unauthorized hands, tech companies affected by the leak – revealed by Wikileaks – including Apple, are now struggling to patch the vulnerabilities.

Apple has said that the majority of problems noted in the 8,000+ documents had already been covered through recent iOS updates. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company’s struggling to patch, or even locate the rest as they don’t have the actual code or tools that were used in the first place.

This limited access to information could be rectified through the Vulnerability Equities Process, which forces the government to provide further details. However, there’s no guarantee Apple will get the full picture, and how long it’ll take to access the information is another story altogether.

Tech companies were provided another headache courtesy of Wikileaks when it revealed it had only released about 1 percent of the documents it gained access to, meaning more vulnerability revelations could be just around the corner.

We’ll continue to update you on the story as it unfolds.


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