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Apple: Third-party iPhone screen repairs will no longer entirely void your device’s warranty

iPhone owners with a cracked screen will no longer void their warranty if they have it fixed by a third-party, an internal memo at Apple says.

The memo has since been confirmed by MacRumors. In the past, Apple Stores wouldn’t fix a user’s device under warranty if it had been previously worked on elsewhere.

However, Apple and Apple Authorized Service Providers can now work under warranty on a device with a third-party screen – as long as the current issue doesn’t involve the screen.

In order for Apple to honor the warranty repair, the device has to be within the standard one-year warranty, or its extended AppleCare program.

If the problem does pertain to the third-party screen, users will have to pay Apple’s standard rate for a repair and if the screen needs replacing, Apple will charge the standard out-of-warranty rate for an official Apple display.

While it’s inadvisable, and unnecessary even, to replace an Apple screen with a third-party product within warranty, many would opt for this outside of the warranty to keep repair costs low. Many third-parties would charge far less than Apple. However, if a more serious problem arises, or you need to use Apple’s repair services at a later date, until now, Apple wouldn’t work on a device with issues relating to third-party parts.

However, Apple and its Authorized Service providers will still decline to work on a device with issues to other third-party components, such as enclosures, internal hardware, batteries, headphone jacks, Lightning connectors, buttons and other parts.

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