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Apple TV plans to beat competitors with universal search

Predicted by almost everybody, the first upgrade to Apple TV in five years is set to be unveiled at a live Apple event on Sep. 9 (also when we’ll see the next generation iPhone).

However, Apple, as with music streaming, is late to the game. And while they arguably did a pretty good job of nuzzling in amongst the competition when it comes to music, how does it plan to do the same with TV?

According to sources close to Apple, quoted by Buzzfeed, the tech giant plans to beat out competition such as Roku and Amazon with its revamped set-top box by being far easier to use.

Its key selling point will be a ‘universal search’.

As streaming media becomes more popular, so does the list of consumers’ media subscriptions – from Hulu, to Netflix, from HBO Now, to even free streaming sites like YouTube – the Apple TV will be able to search them all from one search box.

Though algorithms will have to be pretty complex to really help users find what they’re looking for, Apple may well have found it in technology they acquired way back in 2013.

“You’ll also be able to search for actors and directors, and run other more targeted searches as well — all with Siri,” the Buzzfeed piece continues. “While Apple’s intelligent personal assistant is core to this feature, sources say there’s another engine driving it as well — Matcha.” was an iOS app that previously provided a comprehensive overview of watchable content across both cable providers and streaming services, as well as digital video stores like iTunes. However, when Apple acquired it, the app was taken down.

The fate of the technology was kept pretty quiet until now, but it appears it may well be resurfacing.

Alongside universal search, the Apple TV is expected to come with a motion-sensitive remote, and sources believe it will cost $149.

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